The new era in discovery proteomics.

You will soon be able to achieve DIA-class performance, without generating a spectral library. Now made possible with the directDIA™ workflow developed by Biognosys.

DIA performance, DDA simplicity.
Available 2 June 2017.

Spectral-library free data-independent acquisition (DIA)

– by Biognosys.

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Note: The competition closes on 1 June. The winner will be announced here on on 2 June.
Which biomolecules are detected using bottom-up mass spectrometry proteomics?
What are the main discovery proteomics workflows called?
Large-scale analysis of peptides would not be possible without electrospray ionization (ESI). Who was awarded the Nobel Prize for his research concerning this technique?
What are the key advantages of DIA over DDA?
Which part of the standard DIA workflow will be redundant with the new directDIA™?
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Join us at our ASMS 2017 events to network with us and to learn about the latest innovations in next-generation proteomics.

1. Biognosys user meeting

When: Sunday 4 June, 1–4pm
Where: Westin Hotel Indianapolis, room Grand 3


From DDA to DIA: A comparative approach.
Christian D Kelstrup, University of Copenhagen
Pulsar: A very fast search engine for spectral library generation and directDIA™ analysis.
Lynn Verbeke, Biognosys
Absolute quantification of the human plasma proteome by using stable-isotope-standard peptides in different data-independent-acquisition analysis workflows.
Florian Marty, Biognosys

2. Biognosys breakfast seminar

When: Tuesday 6 June, 7am
Where: Indiana Convention Center, room 130


A new era in proteomics begins now.
Lukas Reiter, Florian Marty, Biognosys

Note: There is a limited number of places available at the events. Register now to participate.

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